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Scarefield at Airfield Urban Farm

A spooky experience for all the family!

Only the brave and fearless dared traverse the foggy threshold to Airfield’s great beyond. Guests delved into our haunted woodland to unearth the secrets of Airfield’s past to experience ghostly encounters, spooky stories, chills and thrills.

As night fell on our deep dark forest, ghouls and ghosts awakened to tell the living, tales and secrets of their pasts. Guests met Overend’s butler and from him discovered Airfield’s untold stories. Along the way guests encountered a headless horseman, scarecrows and dancing ghouls that inhabited the surrounding fields.

Further down our woodland path, hundreds of carved pumpkins peered out.

Guests feasted their eyes upon our installation made out of 220 hand carved Jack O’Lanterns, as we went pandemonium over pumpkins!

They snaked their way through this breathtaking display of blazing pumpkin sculptures and discovered a spectacle of hand-carved creatures and towering infernos.

Our dancing corpses in the red barn bust some menacing moves to create a sinister scene of zombie thrills! – guests joined in. Even the stiffest old zombies could take part!

Frightfully fun foods & traditional halloween games were to be experienced in the market polytunnel.

These are just a few things available at Scarefield!

Photographs courtesy of Louis Haugh