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Midsummer Medley at Airfield House


Midsummer Medley at Airfield celebrated the fun and fantastical side of Victorian life.

Guests joined us as we delved into the time of the nursery rhyme! Artist and musician Shane McGrath performed and hosted a Teddy Bears Picnic Play & Sing Along for younger years.

Victorians just loved their picnic games! At Midsummer Medley our guests enjoyed a wide variety of games popular in Victorian times – good old fashioned croquet, blind-man’s-bluff, and tug-of-war to name but a few!

What was the Victorian equivalent of a selfie? The Victorians loved to dress up in costumes and create a living picture called a Tableau Vivant. At Midsummer Medley our patrons created their own theatrical Victorian group portraits, using the props, costumes and old style photographer provided!

Victorian Barber-y! At Midsummer Medley gentlemen were treated to a good, old-fashioned wet shave – Victorian style! Barber, Mr Laverty, travelled to 2014 for our event to show us how it’s done.

Ever wonder what Victorian Ireland smelt like? No? Bet you are wondering now! Patrons of Midsummer Medley were invited to partake in the Victorian scented experience to smell dirty laundry, a Victorian street, smelling salts – it ain’t at all pretty!

Meanwhile the music of Gilbert & Sullivan, performed to beautiful effect by the Stedfast Brass Band, floated across the manicured lawns of Airfield as our guests indulged themselves on tea & victoria sponge.

These are just a few things we programmed for guests attending our Midsummer Medley event. Oh and of course – BYO-Picnic!!

Photographs courtesy of Louis Haugh.