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Lismore Castle Private Event

Horses and carts await the guests in the castle courtyard and transfer them to a bustling Celtic market scene!

Thirty or so local craftspeople are going about their daily work; Celtic foods are in preparation; livestock are being tended to; musicians are practicing their craft; warriors are seated around campfires with weapons near-to-hand; children are playing and singing and dancing, some are helping their parents tend to livestock – all the normal goings on of a busy Celtic market.

On arrival, the guests are brought to meet the Chieftain at his hut at the centre of the village. The Chieftain welcomes the guests and invites them to tour his village. He  guides them through the various crafts, aided by a skilled Seanchaí. Craft work on display includes willow weaving, silversmithing, jewellery making, falconry, Celtic pottery making,  spinning,  Irish dancing lessons, archery, loot playing, a hunter/forager’s hut,  stone carving & wood whittling, fish & meat smoke-housing, bodhrán making, traditional Curragh building, farriering,  wood turning & fiddle making and thatching.

Suddenly, as the guests near completion of their tour of the local crafts-folk, a rival clan rushes the village with their chieftain on horseback! The rival chieftain loudly challenges the chieftain of the village and tense battle breaks out.

After some time, the chieftain and his clan, aided by the guests, win the battle. The rival chieftain is put in stocks and the village and guests children, encouraged by the Chieftain, enjoy throwing rotten vegetables at him! The chieftain thanks the guests for their help in defeating his enemy and tells them that they are welcome members of his clan from this day forth. The chieftain presents them with a victory gift and calls on his villagers to perform for his guests and new clansmen. Renowned Irish musicians Kíla perform for the guests, dressed as Celtic villagers, followed by Irish Dance & Ceili music group The Booley House.