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2015_Electric Picnic_Jamie Tanner -®_Red Loves Rain_0754
2015_Electric Picnic_Jamie Tanner -®_Red Loves Rain_0754


Art Trail at Electric Picnic

As Ireland’s most eclectic Music & Arts festival, Electric Picnic wouldn’t be complete without a visually stimulating smorgasbord of innovative, intricate and immersive art.

The Floating Jellyfish by Lesley Garry is a delicate installation of a group of jellyfish made of lace and translucent materials. Hanging above the festival, amongst the trees, the jellyfish present an ephemeral quality, gently swaying and pulsating with their tentacles trailing in the breeze. Our floating jellyfish glow by night, throwing lace patterns on their surroundings.

Primarily a figurative painter, Daragh Hughes’ interest in the human form – and his ability to capture the body as a true narrative rather than the ideal – have led him to explore a series of studies on animals entitled Dog, Horse, Gorilla, Kangaroo, Ostridge, Deer, Bear, Dog 2.  Feral, skeletal forms hewn from timber and found items, which are powerful and wild and at the same time emaciated or long extinct.

Design trio Nicole Pringle, Jenny Cassin and Pia Holmes, are the creatives behind the plastic fantastic installation “Reflector”. Inspired by the Leonard Cohen quote “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. Using transparent and reflective materials, Refelctor captures the sunlight through the trees by day, and illuminates its surroundings at night.

In a truly unique collaboration, artists Clare Hartigan, Michelle Pando Kelly and Martin Finnin merge their different styles to create a collection of interactive paintings entitled Nature’s Dance by Art Buzz. The theme is taken from different elements of nature capturing freedom of birds, bee’s pollination, and a tree of life. The collaboration consists of four separate paintings, which they all playfully add in their own distinctive characteristics. This is a rare occurrence of artists working together adding their individual techniques to each creation like members of a band bring their own methods to create music – Like a wonderful mix of music in a song.

Jam Shugar Sessions is an instrument session space created by Aidan Bolger and Julianne Hennelly. The Jam Shugar Cottage will be the headquarters, built with a Hansel & Grettel theme, where people can gather to play, listen or just chill out. The cottage will be fitted with a platform to jam, giving it the feel of an old school jam on the porch. Instruments will be provided including acoustic guitars, ukuleles, bongo & cajon drums, tambourines, maraccas & shakers.

The Chuddler Collective return again this year presenting the Snail Rodeo by Jarleth Burke. This piece is not only environmentally friendly but aesthetically pleasing. Jarleth used recycled aggregate from glass, plastic and tiles for the concrete snails and the moulds are made of recycled timber pallets. The idea is to activate “go-thru spaces” in the event arena, turning them into places of respite and randomness for people between activities.

Art Lot Dublin’s Outdoor Exhibition Space located off Harcourt Road will be recreated in the woods of Stradbally providing a dedicated chill out space for Contemporary Art, Performance and Sculpture. Curatedby Art Collective, the Glow Depot, the space will come alive at night with interactive LED light installations and music provided Power Fm DJ’s and featuring light interactive installation “Dance Like Nobody’s Looking”.  Come to Art Lot and be inspired!

For Electric Picnic, Paul Moore creates a wooden carving entitled Chieftan Chair. Using the root of a yew tree to carve this piece, Paul is influenced by the apparent embracing effect of the roots with all the scariness that it sometimes implies!

Zoomorphism. Driven by ideas of zoomorphism, Sandra was inspired for this creation of separating both human and animal elements into a trans-species art installation. Sandra reconnects them through sculpture and painting, producing hybrid forms that share polysemic aspects.

A mixture of recycled materials will be used to create Aoife Dunne’s wacky piece, The Jungle Tree. Using different materials, textures and colours; Aoife will bend and shape their form to create a tree of curiosities. To create this interactive piece Aoife will be finding forms that include everything from scrap fabric, personal items, collection of empty packaging and other interesting materials and structured shapes.

Liosa McNamara’s installation Red Loves Rain is made up of 50 red umbrellas suspended from a tree that overlooks the Main Stage. These beautiful pieces are installed to create a magical fairytale feeling. Red Loves Rain is a regular at Electric Picnic; these little red umbrellas floating in the breeze remind us that the Irish know how to have fun, with or without good weather!

Express yourself! This is the idea behind Jack Harts’ Wild Metal Flowers installation. Jack will have three sculptural metal frames, welded with colourful metal flower heads. These open air frames will encourage interaction and expression. All flower heads will be handcrafted to create unique, fun photo opportunities.

Lynn Haughton and Emma Deering show a fun & colourful display made from upcycled clothes, guiding you down the forest path in the woodlands. The Upcycle Movement have created spheres made from clothing that otherwise was destined for export, landfill or recycling. The circular balls represent the aim for a circular economy and closed loop designs. The aim is to engage & inspire others through upcycled design.

Imramma Arts Collective this year return with a replica of a Gothic Rose window that has been broken from the inside”. Artists Anton Cullen, Neisi Koyabashi, Joseph Stockdale will also present a disk showing the merging of the celestial bodies in one abstract form. In itself it has the ability to create its own mood but the purpose of the work is to draw attention to the many environments it will find itself in.

Jigantics install their beautiful illuminated Giant Tulip and Giant Gerber sculptures to enchanting effect. These giant flowers transform the space into a childhood wonderland. Created by artist Jig Cochrane, Jigantics is born from a love of art, nature and gatherings who transforms wild imaginings into reality.

From the artist who brought Twisted Hedge to Stradbally, Michelle Cain will present the Big Willow Foxes. Weaving their magic from fayre to fayre, happy to play to all gathered there. See them rock by day or night, to see you dance is their delight.

Ronan Russel & Elaine McDonagh from Newgrange Willow Design will be presenting the Willow Castle entrance which they hand-wove for Electric Picnic 2014. Their medieval theme will be expanded on this year, lovingly woven onsite with methods of old techniques of basket weaving.