Event Design Studio
Electric Picnic Launch 2015_14 copy
Electric Picnic Launch 2015_14 copy

About Us

With years of experience in a very wide range of event styles including large-scale music & arts festivals, theatre productions, family festivals, parades, corporate events & bespoke private parties, it is this experience, together with our creative approach, that empowers us to deliver events that stand out from the crowd.

It is our strongly held belief that a visually creative environment has the potential to transport. Our designs are visually rich, our entertainments interactive & unconventional, and our attention to detail impeccable.

We compose and programme memorable and utterly unique experiential marketing events and other immersive events that reflect our client’s needs, and differentiate their offering from those of their competitors & peers.

At the Event Design Studio we strive to see beyond the boundaries of everyday vision and are passionate about bringing the fantastical to fruition. So step back in time to a by-gone era; fall through a rabbit hole to a fictitious land; travel a tardis; explore a futuristic world – what ever your vision might be we can take you there.